Western American Diocese
Western American Diocese
Appeal to the Parishes of the Western American Diocese on behalf of Those Who have Suffered in Kemerovo, Russia

Dear Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,

With incredible pain we have received the news about the tragic events in the Kemerov Diocese which swept away the lives of a multitude of children. Now, moved by the Christian sense of sympathy and brotherly love, we are praying for the repose of those who have been lost and for the health of those lying in hospitals. And, we call for all possible assistance to all affected families through the Benevolent Memorial Fund of St. Archbishop John (Maximovich).

This great archpastor of the Russian Diaspora always hastened to the aid of the suffering, those in tribulation and those weighed down by the cross of life. He hastened with concrete help, with kind words of love, consolation, hope and prayer.

Let us follow, even if in small measure, the example of our great heavenly protector and strive to offer our modest gift for the needs of the suffering families, assisting them to overcome the consequences of this tragedy and grant them to feel love in these difficult days.

It is requested that checks be mailed to the address below:
538 35TH AVE. SAN FRANCISCO, CA. 94121-2708

With love in our Lord,
Bishop of Seattle

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